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  • 什么是整存整取定期儲蓄



    Lump-sum deposit & withdrawal time deposit refers to savings deposit whose principal is deposited at a time with the minimum amount of 50 RMB yuan and whose term is set by the depositor at the time of account opening. The maturities range from three grades: 3 months, 1/2 year, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years. A deposit certificate(passbook) is issued to you after the principal is deposited. When the deposit falls due, the depositor can withdraw the principal and accrued interest with the certificate(bankbook).

    Service Features

    1.Lump-sum deposit & withdrawal time deposit has the characteristics of long maturity and high interest rate, and the longer the period, the higher the interest rate, which is suitable for depositing of savings that will not be used within a quite long period of time. It will satisfy the depositor’s needs of accumulated funds with plans for a definite purpose.

    2. In the deposit term, the interest is calculated at the same rate on time deposit. If there is no withdrawal upon maturity date, the interest, which is post dated, is calculated at the current deposit rate declared on the day of withdrawal. If the depositor agrees, the bank can manage a promissory or an automatic renewal time deposit. Then the interest will be calculated at the rate declared on the redeposit day.

    3.Partial or full amount withdrawal in advance and collection from other places are permitted. For the withdrawal amount in advance, the interest is computed at the current rate quoted on the day of withdrawal.

    Procedures for Account Opening

    1.In opening an account, the depositor shall present his ID card or other valid credentials.



    1、整存整取定期儲蓄存款具有期限長、利率高的特點,而且存期越長利率越高,適用于較長時期不用的節余款項的存儲, 可以滿足人們為一定用途而有計劃存取的需要。

    2.Such deposit may be withdrawn fully or partly prior to maturity for once, or, upon authorization in advance, and handled on agency renewal of depositing upon maturity by the bank.

    3.At the time of account opening, the client may choose the method of withdrawal by password or with a passbook. If the method of withdrawal by password is chosen, the depositor shall enter on the spot a six-digit password into your savings account through the password processor on the counter.







    標簽: 利率 存款 也可


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